GLO - 脱脂真空電気炉(金属粉末射出成形(MIM)用)

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  • Heat Treatment of Steel

    This application note introduces a series of furnaces suitable for hardening, tempering and annealing of steel.
  • Heat Treatment Solutions for Metal Injection Molding

    The Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process is a widely known and applied technology for producing small metal parts. A great variety of materials and, consequently, approaches have been developed. The MIM process always requires a combination of polymer and metal powder. The polymer in this mixture has two purposes. On the one hand, it serves the rheological properties that are needed for injection molding. On the other hand, it provides the mechanical stability of the so-called green parts. The metal powder itself has no mechanical stability at all in that stage of the process.
  • Condensate-free debinding with vacuum furnaces

    Today techniques like pressing, rapid prototyping, powder metallurgy, siliconization and sintering are widely used production methods. Sintering, for example, is only the last step of a near-net-shape fabrication technology. Many processes, such as metal injection molding (MIM) for example, require a debinding step prior to the actual sintering.